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One of my favorite pasttimes when writing a novel is to, well, procrastinate on writing by putting together a book playlist. This is helpful procrastination, though, because I can almost never write without listening to music. (At least that's what I've convinced myself.)


Here is a selection of songs I listened to while writing the Extraction series. Playlist #1 is composed exclusively of songs from film scores, while Playlist #2 is only songs with vocals. #1 is the one I listened to the most while writing, and the tracks roughly follow the order of the series, in case you'd like to listen along with the playlist while you read!

Extraction Series Playlist #1

The Letter that Never Came - Thomas Newman

Labor of Love - Michael Giacchino

I Need You - James Newton Howard

Pentecost - Ramin Djiwadi

I Giorni - Ludovici Einaudi

The Portrait - James Horner

Physical Compatibility - Ramin Djiwadi

Arena Crumbling - James Newton Howard

Tenuous Winners/Returning Home - James Newton Howard

So Much Life - Bear Mcreary

An Easterly View - Bear Mcreary

Extraction Series Playlist #2

Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

Shelter - Birdy

Fade into Darkness - Avicii

Find You - Zedd

We Remain - Christina Aguilera

End of All Time - Stars of Track and Field

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