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School and Library Visits

Are you a teacher or librarian interested in booking an author visit? I'm your girl! I began writing when I was in elementary school and continued pursuing my dream throughout high school and college, until I landed a book deal at age nineteen. I love visiting schools and libraries and talking to students about pursuing their passions and overcoming the obstacles standing in their way. 


I have two basic programs available, but I'm also happy to chat with you and plan out a different presentation that will be more beneficial to your teens.

San Diego Author and Book Editor Stephanie Diaz

"Writing as a Teen." A presentation about my journey to publication as a teenager, linked to inspiring students to pursue their dreams, followed by a short reading and a Q&A session. Ideal for large groups but acceptable for smaller groups of students, grades 6-12. Length of Program: 40 minutes.

"Worldbuilding for Sci-fi and Fantasy." A mini-lesson focused on teaching students the basics of worldbuilding in science fiction and fantasy, including an exercise that engages students in creating their own story world. Ideal for writing classes. Grades 6-12. Length of Program: 40 minutes-1 hour.


If the location is within driving distance of me, my rate starts at $300 depending on location and times involved. If the location requires a flight and/or hotel stay, my rate starts at $1000 per day plus travel expenses.


I understand many school districts and libraries have limited funding for guest speakers. I wish I could offer events for free, but I simply can't afford to any longer. However, I'm always happy to work with your school or library to make an event possible. Please shoot me an email and let's chat!

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