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5 Latina Young Adult Authors You Need on Your Radar named me one of 5 Latina YA Authors you need on your radar!

Here's what they had to say:

Stephanie Diaz: Stephanie Diaz is an inspiration. The 21-year-old recent San Diego State University graduate wrote her debut novel Extraction in between classes. Her first book in the YA sci-fi trilogy is what some are calling Divergent meets Ender's Game and it hits stores in July. The story follows a girl named Clementine who wins escape from a brutal life on her planet's surface where a poisonous moon looms in the sky, only to find herself battling to save the entire planet from destruction.

Now in the publishing world, the part-Mexican author sees the lack of diversity firsthand. "I've become more aware of the rampant whitewashing in the publishing world," Diaz says. "I've certainly become more determined to include characters in my books who share my heritage and go against the stereotypes."

Check out the full article to see the other authors!

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